How to get results when you’ve done everything and nothing works

  • lose weight
  • firm up
  • get rid of this belly

1. You’re eating WAY more than you think

Research shows we underestimate how much we eat by as much as 45%! This amounts to about 540 calories for those who believe they’re eating within the 1,200 calorie range (a calorie intake I hear about most often from readers who say they don’t understand why they can’t lose).

2. You’re burning far fewer calories than you calculate

Apps that count steps, cardio machines that clock calories burned and watches that do the same make it easy peasy to know how much work and calories you’re actually burning, right?

  • stationary bike overestimated calorie burn by 7 percent
  • treadmill by 13 percent
  • stair climber by 12 percent
  • elliptical, overestimates by a huge 42 percent [yikes!]

3. Your fitness tracker is lying to you

You can’t hide behind your fitness tracker, either.

  1. Unless you’re doing hours of cardio, don’t subtract your calories (allegedly) burned when figuring out your calorie needs. Consider them bonus calorie burning points.
  2. Add a couple hundred calories to your overall intake report for “cushion,” to allow for variations in foods and miscalculating portions.
  3. Use trackers and apps as general guides but don’t depend on them for accuracy. Use your mirror and the ability to button your pants instead.



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Linda Melone

Linda Melone

I write high-converting copy for businesses and entrepreneurs